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What if i am no expert at using computers? Doesn't matter, the website has been designed for universal use but if you do still have problems get in touch through our Contact page on site. Our Fan Support Team will be on hand to help.

What if I've made an error? As soon as you notice a mistake, contact our Fan Support Team on Contact page as before. Please note that if your order has already been processed and sent to our printing department we may not be able to change or cancel your order.

What size is my calendar? A3. Mounted, glossy sheets with your photo among your heroes.

What if my team isn't available? Get on to them. Get on to us. We'll try and make it happen.

Are there any rules regarding image uploads? Only 2 to follow here! The image must be your own copyright and not bring the club into disrepute. Funny uploads will be printed and dispatched as long as they do not tarnish the integrity of your club. If so your calendar will be sin-binned without refund.

What if i hate my calendar? We sincerely hope you don't but contact Fan Support with your order reference and we will make it right.

What if i love it? Then let us know. Email Screen shot your calendar. Share it on your social media platforms. Share it on ours. Share it wherever you want. The more assists you provide, the more special offers we can throw in.